Pastor Suloch Raja

Healed from cancer in online Sunday service’

I give god all the praise i have been suffering with cancer for the past 6 years i have spent over 120k dollars on my medicals my husband left me when i was diagnosed. i have been watching ur videos for the past 3 months and today as i was watching i felt something leaving me. i know that god has healed me. i rushed to the hospital to get myself checked, the same doc who told me that i have 1 year to live said that i was completely healed from cancer and this is not medically possible. i thanks pastor suloch raja for all these wonderful messages and sister shanthi you are truly gods angel as u specifically prayed for cancer today, thanks you GRGC


Praise Jesus!!

Heading will be healed from mind of hallucinations

Behold Jesus the Lamb and experience healing in your mind!

This testimony is based on the GFYT dated 9th January 2023

My Dad who is 89 years old suffers from hallucinations.  Yesterday he was highly distressed and kept telling us during the day that he is upset about the people coming to his house at nights and wishes to speak to the Society Secretary for a solution.  I just told him fine we will do it later.  At that moment I just prayed and said Lord help me to see Jesus in my Dad’s condition and help my Dad to see Jesus in his condition.  I thought about the scripture that says we have the mind of Christ, I claimed this for my Dad.  The day passed by.  This afternoon when I met him I was surprised to see him happy and my mum said Dad slept so peacefully last night.  I said Wow!! Thank God for this.  Then my Dad told me that last night before he went to bed, he prayed that God please take control of my situation I am surrendering it in your hands and he said he kept praying.   Finally he slept well last night no visions no fear and has also been peaceful throughout today.  All Glory be to God!! Amen

Beholding the Lamb of God we are healed and renewed in our minds.  Praise Jesus!

Sis. Melissa