When you are desperate for deliverance God is detailing your elevation! Hallelujah!! - But while Esther, Mordecai and the Jews were praying desperately for deliverance, God was working out elevation in the life of Mordecai . It’s amazing!
Speaking in Tongues not only brings deliverance but elevates you to a position even beyond your imagination! - Joseph of Old Testament was a man of great integrity and a holy man but he was falsely accused for what he did not do.
Speaking in Tongues, divinely enables you to foresee evil & escape the danger - Who is a prudent man? The one who speaks in an unknown Tongue . Yes my beloved , God Almighty has put this ability of speaking in Tongues in us to foresee evil and thereby escape all danger.
When you speak in Tongues, exalted Christ becomes your exalting glory! - Holy Spirit who is The Promise of the Father, was sent from Heaven because Jesus Christ was glorified, being exalted to the right hand of
Speaking in Tongues disconnects you from the past & helps you walk in the divine reality of New Creation! - The word ‘pure’ is ‘barar’ in Hebrew which means complete cleansing, purged from all secret sins and severed from guilty feelings.
Restoration of the pure language- Tongues, brings restoration in all areas of your life! - 23rd June 2022 Grace for you today ! Christ My Exalting Glory! “For then I will restore to the peoples ...
Tongues is the King of all languages! - ““For then I will restore to the peoples a pure language, That they all may call on the name of the Lord, To serve Him with one accord.”
Believing in Jesus your righteousness restores to you the power of language- Tongues! - The genesis of human languages is seen in the above scripture portion & it’s interesting to note that there was one language and one speech for the entire mankind.
Challenges in life become obstacles when we speak about them instead of speaking to them ! - Jesus instructed His followers not to crib or complain about their problems to God rather to confront the problem head on.
By speaking in Tongues you build yourself up both your body & your personality! - The word “edifice” comes from two greek words - “oíkos” meaning house and “domeō”meaning. “to build” . Now , he who speaks in a tongue builds his house ( body and soul).