True appreciation of His resurrection is when the Holy Spirit reveals the Lamb of God ! - People fail to appreciate or experience the power of His resurrection because they don’t have an insight into or a revelation of His death on the cross .
5th September 2022 True deliverance from bondage is by seeing Jesus the Lamb revealed by the Holy Spirit! - Once a Pastor needed an electronic percussion pad for his church and the Lord assured him that soon he would be blessed with one.
Behold Jesus the Lamb of God & experience transformation! - Their confusion left them frustrated & they painfully wondered how could God allow such evil men to take charge to annihilate the good (crucify Jesus)?!
Behold Jesus the Lamb & truly begin to see the blessings! - The Lord Jesus got into a conversation with these two disciples to show the need for Him to become the Lamb of God to be slain in order to usher in the true deliverance.
Beholding Jesus makes you Gods beloved! - HE IS THE LAMB OF GOD - God’s ultimate solution to every hitch & hindrance by taking away the sin of the world!
One thing we need to do , forgetting those things which are behind & reaching forward to those things which are ahead! - My beloved of the Lord Jesus Christ, as we come to the end of this glorious year, we all should take the advice of Apostle Paul seriously.
The sufferings of this present are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us! - Christ is us is that hope of Glory! He Himself is the Glorious Hope!! The Holy Spirit in us will soon cause this hope to fruition
Christ in me is the manifestation of the Son of God! - Jesus came to redeem men from sin and to restore them to glory by transforming them to be the sons of God. 
Jesus is the Rhema that proceeds from Logos as a complete & holistic solution to every problem! - When we hear this “Word” ( Rhema), faith proceeds and is consummated in us & through us as we keep hearing.
Jesus is the WORD incarnate revealing the infinite intelligence of God Almighty! - But, Jesus comes to reveal to us the heavenly things. He is God’s supreme intelligence. He is the display of God’s splendour.