Behold Jesus the Lamb & experience immortality! - Nothing can hinder our blessings except our own unbelief!  No man on earth nor any evil power can stop God’s blessings coming upon us
Behold Jesus the Lamb through the Holy Spirit & experience your miracle today! - Looks like the Eunuch had been traversing the desert for years but never saw water in the desert all these years because his eyes were restrained from seeing it.
Behold Jesus the Lamb of God to experience the Holy Spirit as the Revealer & the Transformer ! - We also see the second person- the Eunuch,  who was blessed with position, for he was the Head of the Treasury in the kingdom of Ethiopia.
Behold Jesus the Lamb & experience the Holy Spirit as your teacher! - My beloved, when you receive Jesus-God’s sacrificial Lamb , you are declared righteous and you will begin to understand the Scriptures.
Behold Jesus the Lamb to experience God’s final say ! - My beloved, this is what you and I need today: As we behold the Lamb of God,( since He is the solution to all human suffering)
Behold Jesus the Lamb & reign in this present life! - Freedom is not doing whatever I feel like doing rather true freedom is having the power to do whatever I am supposed to do.
Behold Jesus the Lamb and be an overcomer! - If we really understand the cruelty of the death that He suffered for our sins, we will surely lose interest in the passing pleasures of sin
Behold Jesus the Lamb & experience 360 degree completeness - So also my beloved, as you behold the Lamb of God, you begin to first of all experience that all your sins are taken away and Christ is born in you.
Behold Jesus the Lamb and experience His goodness ! - When a car is manufactured, it is first of all designed with the accurate precision using a CAD automotive modeling software.
Behold the Lamb & be healed in your mind! - My beloved, even today as we ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten us to behold the Lamb and understand His great sacrifice , our mind will be healed.